Welcome to the Tour de Himmelfart 2022

Welcome to the Tour de Himmelfart 2022

22. January 2022 Off By Flemming Kajberg Leth Jensen

It is with great pleasure that we in Odder Cykel Klub can welcome you to the new Tour de Himmelfart website.
Here on the website you will be able to find all necessary information about the race, stages, registration, etc.

This year’s Tour de Himmelfart will be over the 5th stages.
The 1st stage opens with a road race, while later in the day the classic street race awaits on the 2nd stage.

On Friday morning, the riders will stand up to a time trail, which is the 3rd stage of the race, while on the 4th stage there will be a 750 meter long gravel road section. The gravel road returns to the Tour de Himmelfart again after many years.

5th and last stage, is the classic king stage, where the riders have to cross the infamous Pederstrup climb.
We look forward to a great Tour de Himmelfat 2022.