Nice ride by the foreign riders

Nice ride by the foreign riders

6. June 2019 Off By Flemming Kajberg Leth Jensen

There was great cycling in all classes at this year Tour de Himmelfart, where not least the foreign riders took good care of the prizes. Of the 12 classes in total, it was the foreign victory in the 8. The same was true in the points and hill competition, where 8 out of 10 jerseys landed on foreign hands.

Tour de Himmelfart opened Thursday with rain all day. Despite this, a great cycling race was held, and the desire to attack was great in all classes. On Friday, the sun had again found its way to Odder, where the riders had to ride the time trail start on Friday morning. However, the time trail was interrupted by the accident with Andreas Byskov Sarbo, who later on Saturday had a tragic outcome.
The bike race continued Friday afternoon, where the riders again were ready to ride a nice bike race.

On Saturday, it was on The King Stage, and the riders were to go out on the famous and infamous Pederstrup hill.

In the U19 class, the overall victory went to Adam Jørgensen from Team ABC junior. Jørgensen lifted the victory home with a 5 second lead to Estonian Gelb Karpenko and 15 seconds to Swedish Jonathan Ahlsson, fastest man on The King Stage of the race.
The blue point jersey was won by Belgian Pepijn Reinderink, while Dutchman Steyn Lamberink won the hill competition.

In the U19 girls, it was victory for Dutch Shirin van Anrooij. After a well-run king stage, where she put all competitors to the wall, she could, in addition to the stage victory, also take the overall victory of the race. Along the way, the Dutch Sofie van Rooijen, Maud Rijnbeek and Noa de Haan had each won one stage, while the Danish champion time trail Mie Saabye had taken care of the time trail. In addition to the overall victory, Shirin van Anrooij also won the hill competition, while Sofie van Rooijen took care of the points jersey.

It was also a Dutch victory for Viego Tijssen (U15), Joeri Schaper (U14), Michiel Mouris (U13), while the sisters Flore and Jette de Groot won respectively. U11P and U15P.
Finland took home two victories when Elisabet Kapanen won U13P, and Anniina Ahtosalo won U17P.
There was Danish success in U11, U16 and U17 where Gustav Schlüter, Nicklas Fonnesbech Hvillum and Carl Frederik Bevort won their classes.

Local success
There was also plenty of local success at this year’s Tour de Himmelfart. In U11, Marcus Halle started by winning the 1st stage and rode in the yellow jersey. Unfortunately for Marcus, he punctured on the second stage, and missed the classification and yellow jersey. However, Marcus came back strong by winning the 4th stage, and finishing in 3rd place on The King Stage.
In U13P, Alma Møller Rasmussen drove in the top 10, in the heavily occupied girl field. Throughout the great fight, Alma secured an overall 9th ​​place
At U13 boys, the four Odder boys ran a great race. Mikkel Weigelt finished as No. 19, Emil Lykke Christensen No. 30, Andreas Lyloff Nissen as No. 40 while Jonathan Thielmann Lauritzen drove into a position as No. 42.
In U19, Jeppe Andreasen length was involved in the battle for the red hill jersey. Jeppe led the competition before the last and stage. But after being outwitted in a couple of hill sprints at Pederstrup, Jeppe finally had to see that a Dutchman ran with the red jersey. Earlier in the race, Jeppe had sprinted to a nice 3rd place on the 4th stage of the race. In the overall position, Jonas Flø Pedersen finished as No. 12., Jeppe was No. 33, while Viktor Wiby Paulsen finished as No. 57.