About Tour de Himmelfart

Since 2003 Odder Cykel Klub has arranged the stage race Tour de Himmelfart. The race takes place every year in the Ascension holiday, and bring riders, parents and leaders from most of cycling Europe together.

Riders from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Germany, the Nederlands, Belgium, Italy, Estonia, Lithuania and the UK have visited the race since its inception.

The Race is run for riders in the age group 9-18 years, who ride in 10 classes. A total of 5 stages are run, over 3 days.
Approx 500 riders start each years.

About 150 volunteer helpers help each year to make the race possible. These helpers handle more than 250 different work tasks related to the race.

The Race is run with a yellow leader jersye, blue point jersey and a red hill jersey. During the race, no less than 90 leader jerseys (yellow 50 – blue 20 – red 20), 220 stages prizes and 180 bouquets of flowers with ribbons will be awarded.
At the overall prize ceremony, approx 100 trophies, and 50 teddy bears in the team competition.

The total prize money in the race is around 20.000 EURO.

Find your way to Odder here: https://maps.app.goo.gl/sduQedAGMt9SKBrh7