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Last information before the start.

Check-in at the school
Parkvejens School opens for check-in on Wednesday 8 May at 17:00.
Parkvejens School
Nølevvej 4
DK-8300 Odder

Teamleader meeting
As other years Teamleader meetings will be held at the school at 20:00.
The meeting will again this year be broadcast live on Facebook, if you are unable to attend.

Service in U19 and U19 Girls
If you want to have a service car with in the cortege in U19 and U19 Girls. Do you have to show up to the teamleader meeting at 20:00

Other information about the race can be found on the race website.


Information about times: Program 2024 – Tour de Himmelfart

Timetable for the stages: Timetable – Tour de Himmelfart

See also details about each individual stage.
1st stage:
2nd stage:
3rd stage:
4th stage:
5th stage:

We are looking forward to a fantastic Tour de Himmelfart