Olympic medals come to the Tour de Himmelfart

Olympic medals come to the Tour de Himmelfart

6. May 2024 Off By Admin

When the Tour de Himmelfart starts on Thursday morning at 9:00 on Ballevej in Odder, it is with a number of former Olympic medal winners on the sidelines. Odder Cykel Klub has been in dialogue with many of the former Danish Olympic medal winners, and fortunately many of them have had both the time and desire to come by Odder and show off their medals.

56-year-old Olympic medals are displayed

One of those who come is Gunner Asmussen who, while in Mexico in 1968, helped win gold in the 4000 meter team pursuit race on the track. Niels Fredborg, who participated in a total of 4 Olympic races and won 3 medals, is also coming. Fredborg won silver in 1968 in Mexico, gold in 1972 in Munich, and bronze in 1976 in Montreal, all in his favorite discipline, 1000 meters timed. Verner Blaudzun who also won Bronze in 1976 in Montreal is also coming. Blaudzun was one of the Danes who took part in the 100 km team race.

Hans-Henrik Ørsted, who won bronze in the 4000 meter pursuit race in Moscow, is also coming, while both Klaus Kynde and Jimmi Madsen, who were part of the 4000 meter team that won bronze on the track in 1992 in Barcelona, ​​have also announced their arrival.

Lasse Norman, who has won no less than 5 medals at the last 3 Olympics, may also come by if it fits into the tight running program. So does his wife, the local Julie Leth, who at the last Olympics won silver in pairs.

Both of these riders have previously ridden the Tour de Himmelfart with great success.